Waldorf Postcards

The Susquehanna Waldorf School (SWS) is participating in a worldwide postcard exchange initiative to both broaden the global perspective of students and kick-off the 100 year celebration of Waldorf® Education planned for 2019.

Throughout the current year, students in 1,100 Waldorf schools from greater than 80 countries will send a postcard to every other Waldorf school in the world. Each postcard is being individually designed by a young person, telling or showing something of his or her country, school, or self.

This innovative global project will connect hundreds of thousands of students to one another through individualized and artistically designed postcards, which will then be arranged, by each school, into a Global Map for public display.

SWS is proud to be a part of this million-fold Waldorf greeting from around the globe!  Class Five teacher, Elizabeth Curtis, shares that her students “eagerly anticipate arrivals of cards from far-away lands” and are finding connection with other Waldorf students through the process.

See how students are broadening their horizons!