EITC Participant Guide


Everything you need to know about the PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program in one handy guide!

Donate your tax bill to SWS and help us make Waldorf education accessible to more children.

The Basics

Tax credits are worth 90% of the taxpayer’s bill.

The remaining 10% of the tax bill may be written off on the federal tax return as a charitable donation.

Almost every PA taxpayer can donate their tax bill. There are very few exclusions.

The Process

  • Determine the amount of your tax liability.
  • Complete the one-page form for the Central Pennsylvania Scholarship Fund (CPSF)
  • A check request will arrive from CPSF
  • Mail check to CPSF
  • Tax forms will arrive from CPSF by March 15th

What % of my tax bill goes to the Susquehanna Waldorf School?

100% of your contribution goes to the school for scholarship purposes!

How do I qualify?

If you pay $3,500 (amount for a household income of $115,000) or more in state tax, YOU QUALIFY!

How long does it take to apply?

10 minutes to complete the application

How much tax credit do I receive?

90% credit and the remaining 10% is paid by the donor but can be listed as a deduction on your federal tax bill.

Step 1 – Complete the Joinder Agreement Spring 2024

Step 2 – Return Agreement to Tami Clark at the Central PA Scholarship Fund (CPSF) at:

Email: Tami@cpsfcharity.org
Fax: 814-684-1061
Mail: 227 Jefferson Ave.
Tyrone, PA 16686