Faculty & Board of Trustees

The College of Teachers is a group of faculty and staff, which serves as the governing body of the school’s pedagogy. The College of Teachers carries the spiritual mission of the school and is responsible for the integrity of the curriculum. The members work closely with the Board of Trustees, administration, faculty and staff in the development of new programs, long-range plans, and improvements to school governance.


Jessie Whitaker

Kindergarten Teacher

Nikisha (Nikki) Hill

Kindergarten Teacher

Holly Galvez

Kindergarten Assistant

Abby Tennis

Kindergarten Assistant

Becky Rudowsky

Parent & Child Teacher, Stepping Stone Teacher

Tabea Steinbeisser-Fitz

Stepping Stone Teacher

Melissa Thomas-Brumme

Stepping Stone Assistant

Kerry Clements

Class One Teacher

Abigail Mallin

Class Two Teacher

Michele Calabretta

Class Three Teacher

Mandela Davis

Class Four Teacher

Melissa McIntyre

Class Five Teacher

Summer Tucker

Class Six/Seven Teacher

Rochelle Dietz

Class Eight Teacher

Krista Bieniek

Education Support Teacher

Hui-Ling Singer

Mandarin Teacher

Fernanda Brito-Muñoz

Spanish Teacher

Lisa Sweeney

Latin Teacher

Tina Quintana

Handwork and Practical Arts Teacher

Nina Radanovic

Chorus and Music Teacher

Mari Saterlee

Math and Reading Skills Support Teacher

Katie O'Brien

Katie O’Brien

Eurythmy Teacher

Harley Ludy

Orchestra Teacher

Board of Trustees

Our esteemed Board of Trustees is comprised of teachers, administration, parents and extended family members who represent our school community and bring their leadership and knowledge in the development of economic and community resources to support the school’s mission. Financial sustainability and legality are the primary responsibility of the Board. The Board also ensures our school fulfills our responsibility for each and every student.

David Knapp


Nina Radanovic

Faculty Representative

Melissa McIntyre

Leadership Council Representative

Nathan Krotzer


Erin Darby


Deborah Duke

Deborah Duke

Administration Representative

Lilia Nice

Co-Vice President

Marty Thomas-Brumme

Member at Large

Ernie Schaefer


Joe Pecora

Parent Guild Representative

Kathy Clark

Co-Vice President


Deborah Duke

Deborah Duke

Business Manager

Linny Snyder

Reception, Records and House Coordinator

Liz Reid Pargament

Admissions Coordinator

Courtney Kokus

Marketing and Development Director

Leadership Council

Mandela Davis, Grades

Melissa McIntyre, Co -Pedagogical Chair

Krista Bieniek, Co-Pedagogical Chair

Hui-Ling Singer, Special Subjects

Deborah Duke, Administration

Tabea Steinbeisser-Fitz, Early Childhood