“Our logo makes a statement about us—our inner and outward expression of the organization’s goals and values. Our logo exists in many places beyond the school website. It has recognition in the market and deep associations with other Waldorf schools. The logo lives soundly with many communities that we serve.” SWS Alumni Parent

Years ago, a logo task force (consisting of SWS School Board members and faculty, along with numerous passionate parents) set out to create a logo/brand for the school. Their purposeful work meant identifying the core values of the school- what it stood for then and what they wanted to carry forward into the future. They knew they wanted the logo to show incarnation of our children and to have a presence within nature and to make sure it included our inexhaustible inner light. “We did not want a snappy marketing icon.” The SWS logo carries with it deep and meaningful roots.

The spiral that our logo is known for was found originally as a petroglyph, discovered on Walnut Island (Lancaster County) in our beloved Susquehanna River. Alone, the petroglyph offers a deep, simple, intrinsic truth, a feeling of permanence and longevity, of geological relevance and sacred geometry. The inner coil of light was placed in a square box because of the beauty of its paradox, but also as the expression of the inner and outer community relationship in a continuum.*

Over the last year, SWS has carefully undergone the process of updating our school website. Not only did we want to be more user-friendly and accessible, we also wanted our “brand” and outward messaging to reflect who and where we are as a school. The new website, launched in late October, reflects a maturing school. Through beautiful imagery, the site highlights the work of community and the work of our developing children, while also leading new families through the value of Waldorf education. The gently updated logo is supportive of this as well. Holding to the foundational elements of the spiral and its color, the logo also reflects the colorful, warm energy presently elevating SWS into a bright, prestigious and sustainable future: honoring our school’s past, nurturing the lives of children and families today and looking ahead with united spirit in community.


This piece is an excerpt from our 2018-19 Annual Report.  Read the full report here.

*Source: “From the Heart of the Task Force: An introduction to our New Logo.” June 1, 2004. Read the original “From the Heart of the Task Force: An introduction to our New Logo” article here.