Written by Melissa McIntyre

The leadership of our school is shared among the members of the Board of Trustees, the Leadership Council, and the Parent Guild. These groups work through collaborative decision-making and consensus. Parent input on important school issues has a formal channel in the Parent Guild Representative on the Board. Input from parents is sought and encouraged. 

Front row, left to right: Nina Radanovic, Kathy Clark, Lilia Nice, Jessica Knaub, Melissa McIntyre; Back row, left to right: Joe Pecora, Ernie Schaefer, Deborah Duke, Marty Thomas-Brumme, Dave Knapp; Not pictured: Erin Darby, Marina McGrew.

Board Of Trustees

The responsibility of the Board of Trustees is the long-term fiscal and legal sustainability of the school. The Board keeps the bigger picture alive. Its focus on the mission and vision of the school and its study of Steiner’s indications for Waldorf education and the Threefold Social Order allow it to undertake strategic planning and to measure the work of the school against its desired ends. The Board of Trustees holds regular monthly meetings to discuss the school’s legal and fiscal health and to further strategic planning. Each meeting begins with an open session, during which all members of the SWS community are invited to participate. Board meetings are on the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 pm in the Music room.

Left to Right: Joe Pecora, PG Board Representative; Kathryn Pearce, Secretary; Najin Lee, Co-Chair; Mandy Sadosky-Rock, Co-Chair.

The Parent Guild

The Parent Guild is the collective parent body of the Susquehanna Waldorf School. As a community-building organization, its mission is to promote parental participation in the life of the school. The Parent Guild supports the school, fosters communication, and builds community through actively participating in planning social fundraisers such as the Winter Faire and the Auction/Gala. All parents of currently enrolled students are members of the Parent Guild. Every class in the school should have one class representative active in the Parent Guild, which meets on the third Sunday of the month at 10 am. 

Left to right: Melissa McIntyre, Lisa Sweeney, Krista Bieniek, Tabea Fitz, Tina Quintana, Deborah Duke.

The Leadership Council

The Leadership Council carries the administrative and managerial leadership of the school and is responsible for decision-making and oversight in all matters concerning day-to-day administrative and pedagogical life. The Leadership Council membership consists of Pedagogical Co-Chairs and Department Chairs. The Leadership Council meets weekly and with the faculty during the after-school College meetings. If parents have a question or concern about any aspect of the school, they are invited to first contact the Leadership Council at LC@susquehanna.org .