Alum Spotlight: Jason Piperberg - Illustrating Dreams into Reality

Jason Piperberg

Class of 2004


Meet Jason Piperberg, an accomplished illustrator and comic artist whose journey from the halls of Susquehanna Waldorf School to the vibrant streets of Philadelphia has been nothing short of inspiring. Jason's artistic prowess and dedication to his craft have led to collaborations with renowned artists, making his mark in the world of comics and illustration.


Early Roots at SWS:

Jason's passion for art and comics was sparked at Susquehanna Waldorf School (SWS), where his journey began in the 4th grade. His desire to become a professional artist and delve into the world of comics took shape, supported by the Waldorf curriculum The process of illustrating Main Lesson books (now called Morning Lesson books) was pivotal, establishing the foundation for his future endeavors.


"My favorite part of the Main Lesson books was making the illustrations for what we were learning about, and that's essentially what I do now, every day," Jason reflects on his time at SWS.


From SWS to the University of the Arts:

After graduating from SWS in 2004, Jason continued his educational journey at The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, a city that has become a significant part of his life. Philadelphia provided the backdrop for his college years, and the city's vibrant atmosphere sparked his creative spirit.


Artistry in Motion:

Since graduating from The University of the Arts in 2012, Jason has doggedly pursued his artistic dreams. He has stackled diverse projects, showcasing his versatility and creativity. Notable accomplishments include working on posters for the Philadelphia Eagles, contributing to Archie Comics' Sonic Universe and Mega Man titles, and creating all the art and book layout for the comic that was then made into the Netflix show Raising Dion.


Current Comic Projects:

Jason is currently immersed in three exciting comic projects, "My Neighbor Necromancer," a YA horror/adventure comic, and "Binary Sea," a captivating blend of Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Trek, and Master and Commander. Both demonstrate his storytelling finesse. The third project, "Doctor Livewell," tackles a unique theme – abdominal pain – and is a collaboration with Dr. David Suskind, a pediatric gastroenterologist.


Waldorf-Inspired Creative Process:

Jason's creative process begins with rough thumbnail sketches, and evolves into intricate line work and vibrant colors. While he acknowledges the absence of explicitly Waldorf-inspired elements in his process, he believes that the essence of his SWS education provided a firm foundation and continues to influence his approach.


Reflecting on SWS:

Looking back on his time at SWS, Jason credits the school for honing his ability to translate words into visual art, a skill that is crucial in his work today. Despite initially feeling different in the larger high school setting, his Waldorf background and the presence of other Waldorf graduates helped him navigate the transition and find lasting friendships.


Advice for SWS Students:

As Jason imparts wisdom to current SWS students embarking on their journeys, he emphasizes the inevitability of change. "Be aware that things always change," he advises. Jason encourages students to embrace the evolving phases of life, learn from challenges, and find their own pace.


In the dynamic world of illustration and comics, Jason Piperberg stands as a testament to the transformative power of passion, education, and the unique journey each individual embarks upon. His story is inspiring for budding artists, illustrating that early interests, gifts and dreams nurtured in the classrooms of Waldorf education can indeed flourish into remarkable careers.


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