Summer Programs

Fill this Summer with fun and wonder!

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Fun with Chinese Games Week 1 (ages 10-13)

Join SWS Mandarin teacher, Hui-Ling Singer, for Chinese Games including the Chinese Yo-Yo, Chinese Shuttlecocks (children will make their own shuttlecocks), Tuo Luo (Chinese Tops), Bamboo Dragonfly and more.

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Chinese New Year Lancaster

Fun with Chinese Holidays Week 2 (ages 6-10)

Join SWS Mandarin teacher, Hui-Ling Singer, for Chinese Holidays including the Dragon Boat Festival and the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Children will also play Chinese games such as the Chinese jump rope, Chinese style of Green Light Red Light (Yi Er San Mu Tou Ren), etc.

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Children’s Garden Weeks 1 & 2, Ages 3-6

A Waldorf summer camp offering a variety of activities geared toward the developing child. Activities will engage the imagination and may include movement, songs, puppet plays, free play, games, stories, arts, crafts, and plenty of outdoor play. Children must be potty-trained to participate.

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Summer Water Adventures Week 1 (ages 6-10)

Join rising 3rd grade teacher, Mrs Davis, for a week of fun! The day will begin with a short story and craft. Each day will have a special water activity or water game. We’ll play with water balloons, water slip and slide, and, on our last day, we’ll take an adventure to the river.  Mrs. Davis hopes your child can join us for a week of water fun at our beautiful school.

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Makerspace STEM Camp Week 2 (ages 10-13)

Join rising 4th grade teacher, Ms McIntyre, for this summer camp! Students 5th grade to 8th grade will participate in a STEM-influenced creative makerspace.  Each day there will be hands-on engineering activities that will challenge students to problem solve and think creatively.  From Rube Goldberg machines to simple circuits and recycle-bots, students will explore, be inspired, and have a lot of fun together.

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