Written by Dandelion Kindergarten teacher, Nikki Hill.

What a fun and exciting time for the Dandelion classroom. So many babies were born, making some of our classmates big brothers to little sisters and others big brothers to little brothers. It has been a joy to welcome new life into the world and into our hearts.

Welcome to the newest members of the Dandelion classroom: Miss Nikki’s son, Landon, and Nora, our baby bunny. Although Landon does not come to the classroom very often, all the children saw Miss Nikki’s tummy grow and grow and grow throughout last year’s adventures and now there is a little picture of Landon in the classroom that the kiddos can see. The other exciting member has been our dear baby bunny, Nora. Nora has been enjoying all the snuggles, pets, and treats the kiddos have been giving her on a daily basis.

Nora’s favorite day so far has been Tuesday soup day because she is almost guaranteed to get a nibble of a juicy carrot or some little scraps of sweet potatoes that have escaped the chopping board and made their way to the floor. She also likes when the children all snuggle up on our new couch in the classroom and give her lots of love and sweet snuggles. Most mornings she is freely hopping around the Dandelion classroom, exploring all the toys, nooks, and crannies, just like the Dandelion children are. At circle time, she sometimes observes the children from her high perch in the loft looking out over us, ensuring that we are using our sturdy feet, kind hands, and beautiful singing voices. Nora is quite the explorer and loves visitors and snuggles. If you ever want to say hi to her and give her some pets, snuggles, and love, please let Miss Nikki know and she would be happy to have you visit.