Written by SWS Board of Trustees President, Dave Knapp. 

This has certainly been an exciting year! 2022 began with just four Board members (all from the faculty and staff) and today we stand at eleven members. I have worked with many boards and this is the most diversely talented and ambitious group I have had the privilege to work with.

The Board of Trustees, with the assistance of our entire community, has created a three-year Strategic Plan. This plan is our road map for success. Accompanying this plan is a one-year focus. Both plans are on our website for your perusal.

Our focus this past year has been on recovering from the enrollment losses during the pandemic (we lost 56 students in that first year). Much discussion has gone into our organizational structure and governance model and their associated staffing requirements. Our primary focus is on ENROLLMENT. We have set an enrollment target for next year that will be the next step on the path to financial abundance. As we welcome this new abundance, we expect to add a staff member in Development as well as Pedagogical support.

Our Faculty remains exceptional and, as always, we look for ways to support them spiritually and financially. We were able to provide 401K benefits to our faculty and staff for the first time this year, which is truly a cause for celebration.

Our Parent Guild has re-organized following our pandemic separation years. This is another cause for celebration. This is a remarkable group of people who have revitalized many of our fundraisers. We are actively looking at a Parent Guild model that is less work and more play. We will provide more opportunities for this group to celebrate in the coming year.

Much has been done and much remains to be done. We feel optimistic about our future and look forward to continuing to serve this beautiful community.

With sincere thanks from the entire Board of Trustees,

Dave Knapp

Click here to view the SWS 2022-23 Annual Report.